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To most people, the gunk that clogs sinks is foul. They wouldn’t touch it with a mile-long pole. But here at Austin Drain Cleaning Company, we love clearing out that gunk. To us, nothing is more satisfying than pulling out hair clumps, cooking grease, food leftovers, and more. We have been family-owned and -operated for almost 50 years, providing fast, clean, and affordable services for clients in Canton, Akron, and throughout Stark and Summit counties. We know that with the right equipment, any old person could open up a drain. But it takes a special crew to leave a drain sparkling clean and a customer 100% satisfied. At Austin Drain Cleaning Company, we truly go that extra mile to make sure our customers will call for repeat work.

Locally Owned & Operated Since 1970

Austin Drain Cleaning Co. has been proud to serve satisfied customers for nearly five decades!

Keeping Your Home’s Drains Sparkling Clean

We clear everything from shower drains and toilets to kitchen drains and more, while keeping your home clean!

Proud to Work with Local Business Owners

We work with restaurants and other local businesses to provide preventative maintenance and other services!

If You Think Your Job Stinks, Try Mine!

We Offer Same-Day Emergency Service With Discounted Prices between 8:00 AM & 4:00 PM

Our crew provides all types of drain-cleaning services, from removing tree roots, to high-pressure jet flushing, to removing grease and sludge from bellied lines. We work with home and business owners in ensuring their drains and sewer connections are clear. Choose our preventative maintenance package that includes annual services to prevent buildup. We may come home from work a bit smelly, but leaving a job knowing that our customers are happy with our work and had a great experience working with us makes the stench completely worth it.

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